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Goldring Headphones

100 years of audio excellence Goldring is an integral part of the Home Electronics Division of Armour Group PLC – holder of the coveted AIM Listed Company of the Year Award, 2004. Armour Home Electronics is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors of turntable and cartridge products in Europe. Our dedicated team of engineers, designers and craftsmen have decades of experience in designing and making products using the latest materials and technology. This ensures each new product expands the boundaries of style and performance. Our History 1906 The Scharf Brothers began manufacturing in Berlin, Germany 1926 They released their own phonograph, the “Juwel Electro Soundbox” with a Gold Ring logo to denote quality 1933 Goldring move to England 1954 The Goldring 500 British-made magnetic cartridge is released 1958 Goldring 600 Model cartridge launched 1960 Goldring 700 Model cartridge launched 1973 Lenco GL85 turntable released to great praise 1978 900SE II & 900/E cartridges released 1987-90 Eroica, Epic II, Excel & Elite cartridges released 2004 The digital age, Goldring release GR1 turntable 2005 Goldring launch the now award winning GR2 turntable 2006 Goldring launch the critically acclaimed DR50, DR100 & DR150 headphones

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